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  • How should we evaluate the value of handheld laser welders?

    Intro: What number should we put on the price tag of the handheld laser welders? Or on the customized welders? This article will provide some opinions on this topic. The handheld laser welders revolutionise the way of conventional welding in the industry due to their unique form of laser welding....
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  • Handheld laser welding machine is efficient and quick to get started and easily helps production

    Welding are the common method to join metal products in the production. Generally, using argon arc welding or traditional spot-welding machine to complete the process, although the equipment can meet the needs of production, but in the welding process, will leave a lot of welding defects such as ...
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  • Laser welding vs. argon arc welding

    Laser welding vs. argon arc welding

    Fibre laser welding machine uses the latest laser technology for welding. Compared to conventional contact welding, laser welders emit a high-energy laser beam on the surface of the material without direct contact. let the laser and the welded material react so that the welding consumable and wel...
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  • Tips for applying laser welding on metal

    At present, handheld laser welding machines have been widely used in the field of metal welding. In the traditional welding field, 90% of metal welding has been replaced by laser welding due to the laser welding speed being more than five times that of traditional welding methods, and the welding...
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