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Welding Torch

  • KELEI Handheld Laser Welding Torch

    KELEI Handheld Laser Welding Torch


    1. KELEI independent R&D product that granted 14 patents

    2. Over 40% electric-optical transformation rate

    3. Applications on a variety of materials

    4. Adjustable welding width which is convenient for the users

    5. Compatible with 10-meter fibre that can help longer-distance welding

    6. Numbers of work modes can adapt to any angle and complexness

    7. Multiple protection locks for the working safety

  • KELEI Robot-use Laser Welding Torch

    KELEI Robot-use Laser Welding Torch

    Product Introduction:

    KELEI Laser focuses on breakthroughs in key technologies developed from our already industry-leading expertise. Years of painstaking research created our Copana Robotic Welding system. With experiences from our rich project expertise, industry experience, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we focus on promoting automation and intelligent high-end manufacturing equipment, that will help our clients achieve more and cost less.

    The laser is generated by the laser and transmitted by the external optical path. After being focused by the focusing mirror in the welding joint, it acts on the weld between the materials to be processed. With the help of the shielding gas (to prevent the materials from being oxidized), the materials are liquefied to form a specific molten pool, so as to achieve the purpose of welding.