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KELEI Aeolus Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

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1. The cleaning machine is available with 1kW, 1.5kW and 2kW laser diodes

2. with KELEI cleaning heads, the cleaning process is 5-10x more effective compared to congeneric products

3. Well suited for processing large-sized and mass-produced products

4. Applies for industries of sustainable energy, automobile production, sheet metal processing, electricity, railway etc

5. Multi-level protection + corrosion-resistant cabinet, unique ventilation design, and efficient heat dissipation maximize the operating time of our product.

6. Advanced pulse laser cleaning technology provides non-destructive cleaning which causes no damage to the substrate. Effectively clean the surface paint, oil, rust, oxide film and other common impurities on the material.

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Aeolus cleaning system integrates a 1000W laser diode, rigid galvanometer system, and an ergonomic compact handheld cleaning head. Aeolus produces outperforming cleaning results appreciate to its highly-adjustable user parameters, LD’s reliability and high laser pulse power. The unique handheld galvanometer cleaning head design allows users to agilely adjust the laser output angles in order to process complex surfaces. The advanced control system and delicate synchronization technology boost the processing speed of the cleaner and unleash the potential of removing the undesired coating and paints on the workpiece.

The handheld laser cleaning machine is convenient and flexible to operate. Two models are provided with laser power 1500W/2000W. Laser cleaning is an efficient and environment-friendly technology, which does not require any chemicals or cleaning fluids when compared to chemical cleaning. Compared with mechanical cleaning, laser cleaning causes no grinding nor pressure to the workpiece, and it uses no consumables. The laser can transmit within the flexible optical fibre to make cleaning in hard-reaching positions a lot easier, nuclear plant pipeline cleaning for example. Thus, laser cleaning could be applied to rust removal, paint removal, sludge removal, and wafer surface treatment. The laser can remove targeted particles at the nanometer level, therefore this technology has been applied internationally in various scenarios including mould cleaning and jet fighter coating cleaning.


Model: Output power:
Application: cleaning or removing paints, rusts and coats on metal surfaces
Applied Industries: metal processing, sheet metal, manufacturing, machinery
Central Wavelength: 1070-1090nm
Max Output: 2000w

Max Pulse Energy: 10mJ
Pulse Width (adjustable): 70-500
Modulation Frequency: 100KHZ
Input Power: AC220V50-60Hz±10%
Working Temperature: +5℃—+40℃
Warranty: 1 year for the welder and 2 years for the laser diode. Lens, fibre, and other consumables are not included.

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The No.100 Cleaner Assembled


Results of Cleaning Rusts

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