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KELEI Robotic Laser Cutting Head

Short Description:

This product takes the advantage of the flexibility and swift movement of industrial robots and matches with follow-up devices and optical transmission devices. The product uses fibre laser technology to develop different process parameters for different plate thicknesses while performing multi-directional plate cutting to meet production needs. In order to ensure a smooth installation and user experience, our company also provides online/offline debugging services to solve your worries during use to the greatest extent.

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    1. Precise collimation and superior liquid-cooled design ensures the reliability and stability of the torch
    2. Multiple choices of connectors that brings a broader compatibility
    3. Solid QBH connector on the torch secures the operation safety
    4. Modular manufactured body with rigid protection lens prevents dusts and obstacles from the focus lens, thus prolongs the service life


    • Adjustable Focusing
    • QBH Connector
    • Optional Z-axis module
    • Secure 3-layer protection lens
    • Compact, lightweight and suitable for 3D metal cutting
    Product Laser Cutting Head
    Connection Type QBH
    Wavelength 1080±10nm
    Power 2000W
    Focal Length 150mm
    Collimation Length 75mm
    Focus Adjustment Range -5m~+5m
    Center Adjustment Range ±1.5mm
    Z-axis Module Travel Distance 36mm
    Screw Rod Lead Distance 1mm
    Gas Pressure ≤2.5Mpa
    Motor 50WServo Motor
    Weight 3.5KG

    Component Brief

    1. Fiber Connector: QBH
    2. Protection Gas Input: φ8mm tube
    3. SMA connector: Amplifier Connected
    4. Centering Adjustment: For concentering laser and nozzle
    5. Focusing module: For adjusting focus point
    6. Protection lens: For sealing protection gas and protecting focal lens
    7. Signal Connection: Limit Switch

    Our product uses advanced software, sensors and other quality components to carry out targeted secondary development of the problems encountered in real-world practice. Cooperating with international enterprises and leading universities, and embracing industry-advanced technology and developed products, we manufacture efficient and cost-effective automation products that are in line with both domestic and international markets.

    The product adopts a closed-loop control method to drive the laser-cutting capacitor follower head, which is a high-performance capacitor height-adjustment device.

    Besides the basic features, our product provides various choices of communication interfaces, and can easily achieve functions such as automatic height tracking, segmented perforation, progressive perforation, edge-tracing cutting, leapfrog style lifting, customizable uplift height and other functions with our very responsive laser cutting software.

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