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Robotic Laser Cutting

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1. Control with ease, thanks to the high degree of system intelligence

2. High adaptability and flexibility to workpieces

3. Consistent cutting results and output quality

4. High speed, precision, and reliability

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Working Principle of 3D Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine uses high power density laser beam to scan the surface of the material in a very short time to heat the material to thousands of degrees Celsius, so that the material melted or vaporized, and then uses high-pressure gas to blow the molten or vaporized material out of the slit to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.

Compared with 2D laser cutting, the working principle of 3D laser cutting requires constant adjustment of the posture of the laser cutting head to ensure that the laser cutting head is always perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, so as to produce excellent cutting results.

In practice, the programming of 3D laser cutting needs to first model the workpiece in three dimensions, and then import it into the workflow of the 3D programming system, which needs to be manually adjusted according to the characteristics of parts and tooling to avoid the collision of the cutting head, which consequences a complex operation and large workload.

Since the cutting head of the 3D laser cutting machine is equipped with a capacitive sensor, it can automatically adapt to the shape of the part and keep a preset distance from the workpiece for cutting. Therefore, in the case of minor and mild changes in the surface of the workpiece, the 2D programming system can meet the production needs as long as the varying depth is within the cutting head’s working distance.

Applicable Materials

stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipe cutting.



The FROG 100L Capacitance Adjuster (FROG 100L) is a standalone high-performance capacitance height adjustment device that uses a closed-loop control method to control the laser-cutting capacitor follower head.

Besides FROG 100L offering a similar operation logic compare to its peers, it also provides an Ethernet communication interface (TCP/IP protocol), which communicates with laser cutting software to easily realize functions such as intelligent automatic tracking, segmented perforation, progressive perforation, edge finding cutting, leapfrog lift, custom cutting-head height adjustment etc., and its response speed is also greatly improved.

In terms of servo control, because FROG 100L adopts a double closed-loop algorithm of speed and position, the performance of running speed and accuracy is significantly better than other products in the market.


Resolution 1000/sec Static accuracy 0.001 mm.
Dynamic accuracy 0.05mm Height following range 0-15mm
Max acceleration 2G The upper limit of moving speed is dependent on the servo performance (10mm lead screw and 6000rpm servo can perform 1000mm/s following speed)
Zero signal distortion in 100m cable range Support network connection and flash drive plugin
Compatible with all cutting heads and nozzles. Self-adapt capacitance parameter settings Equipped with touch alarm and out-of-bound alarm
Edge detection and tracing One-touch calibration
Support leapfrog jumping, segmented perforation and customized lift height Oscilloscope functions supported for monitoring capacitance and height change

3D laser cutting machine is widely used in industries of sheet metal processing, kitchenware, automobiles, lamps, saw blades, elevators, metal crafts, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, glasses manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment, etc. Especially in the sheet metal processing industry, it has replaced the traditional processing method and is favoured by many of our clients.

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