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Welding Accessory: KLPZ-O2 Nozzle

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Designated nozzle for KELEI Thor handheld laser welding machine

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1. Made of red copper which provides superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance
2. Specially made for our welding products with uniform specification and low size tolerance
3. Excellent heat dispassion performance that massively increases product’s durability
4. High-precision processing, high concentricity, processing and moulding at once. Minimizing the impacts from slags, thus produces smooth inner walls and keeps the nozzle clean
5. Specially made for our welding products with uniform specification and low size tolerance

Current issues with nozzles on the market

Low durability and fragile
Unclean welding seams
Rough and burnt surface


Name Nozzle for handheld laser torch
Model KLPZ-O2
Height 35MM
Material Red copper
Thread Type M16
Supported Wire Diameter 0.8mm、1.0mm、1.2mm、1.6mm
Application angle Interior angle

Popular science product knowledge

Why do we choose red copper for our nozzle product line?
The conductivity of red copper is only second to silver, and it is the best choice for making conductive equipment. Red copper is corrosion-resistant to air, salt water, oxidizing acid, alkali, and organic acid. Plus, red copper could be easily shaped to desired products for welding through heat or cold processing.

Why wear protection goggles for laser welding?
Handheld laser welding machines are Class 4 laser products (output power > 500mW), which might cause damage to the skin and eyes. In real-world conditions, many workers often do not have any safety protection measures when carrying out laser welding operations because lasers and sparks are unnoticeable. It’s very dangerous since the laser is carrying power while it’s unseen (the common wavelength of fibre lasers is 1064nm which is out of the visible spectrum). The laser could be reflected due to the changes in the incident angle between the workpiece and the torch, so there will be a small proportion of the laser being dispersed while the energy is still harmful to naked eyes. Especially when working with copper, aluminium and other highly reflective materials, the reflected laser energy will be larger, in case of dispersed energy reflected into the eye will cause irreversible damage to the retina. Therefore, we hereby appeal to users who use laser welding to wear laser goggles.

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