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  • KELEI Thunderbolt Torch Cleaner

    KELEI Thunderbolt Torch Cleaner


    1. Offering precise and effective cleaning for the majority of robotic welders

    2. Great wire cutting even under harsh working environments

    3. Anti-splash liquid could mitigate the effect of welding splash and reduce the need for maintenance

    4. Reduces welding slag that benefits lowering maintenance need and prolong maintenance interval

    5. Features positioning and wire cutting where the wire cutter can work precisely and flawlessly

    6. Ensure the torch is in its best condition by precisely-determined extensibility and flash-over

    7. The designated filtering components can effectively filter oil, water and impurities in the gas circuit, which improves the service life of the equipment as a whole.

    8. The use of special reamers and wire-cutting blades that are high hardness, and strong toughness, with technologies of sealing oil injection and automatic wire cutting, greatly improve the durability and shearing quality of the equipment.

  • KELEI Aeolus Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

    KELEI Aeolus Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine


    1. The cleaning machine is available with 1kW, 1.5kW and 2kW laser diodes

    2. with KELEI cleaning heads, the cleaning process is 5-10x more effective compared to congeneric products

    3. Well suited for processing large-sized and mass-produced products

    4. Applies for industries of sustainable energy, automobile production, sheet metal processing, electricity, railway etc

    5. Multi-level protection + corrosion-resistant cabinet, unique ventilation design, and efficient heat dissipation maximize the operating time of our product.

    6. Advanced pulse laser cleaning technology provides non-destructive cleaning which causes no damage to the substrate. Effectively clean the surface paint, oil, rust, oxide film and other common impurities on the material.