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KELEI Box Welding Station

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1. Automatic welding in one step with minimal distortion and post-processing, compatible with 0.5-5mm thickness

2. Pre-set parameters can quickly complete box welding up to 800mm width

3. Ideal for mass-producing standardised products

4. Applies to industries of sustainable energy, sheet metal processing, electricity, railway etc

5. Various laser output options up to 2kW

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Why should we choose laser for welding?
Laser welding uses the laser as the heat source for welding. As the laser radiation heated up the working piece, materials melted and joined to complete the weld. Laser welding has the benefits of precision, small heated zone, low deformation, and high efficiency. Laser welding is the achievement of the developing technology of laser and control systems, which also evolved into an advanced technique for metal processing.

The box welding station can achieve efficient box welding with a 2000W laser output and a fully automatic welding process, which is ideal for welding electrical cabinets, metal boxes etc.


Box welding station is simple, low-maintaining, and precise. It requires minimal training for workers to operate. The fixtures are well thought to accelerate the welding speed. For thin plate welding, especially at right angles, the welding station can effectively control the deformation caused by heat and thus produce smooth welding, and neat corners, without welding stains.


Model, Max Output Power: MNJ-2000w
Application: metal boxes, electrical cabinets, standardised components
Industries Applied: metal processing, sheet metal, manufacturing, electricity
Central Wavelength: 1070-1090nm
Max Output Power: 2000w
Max Pulse Energy: 10mJ

Max Welding Width: ≤800mm (adjustable)
Max Modulation Frequency: 100KHZ
Input Power: AC220V50-60Hz±10%
Working Temperature: +5℃—+40℃
Warranty: one year for the product and two years for the laser diode

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