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How should we evaluate the value of handheld laser welders?

Intro: What number should we put on the price tag of the handheld laser welders? Or on the customized welders? This article will provide some opinions on this topic.

The handheld laser welders revolutionise the way of conventional welding in the industry due to their unique form of laser welding. Combing the advantages of laser welding and industrial automation, handheld laser welders are much more user-friendly which lower the training requirement for the work. Compare to the savings on the training and labour, the cost of the machine will still be considered. The final cost of the machine will be determined by the customisation by the clients.


When Choosing laser welding equipment, there are the following features worth considering
1. Whether the machine could fulfil the welding requirements
2. The workload, workflow and technique used in the proposed production
3. The provided service, the quality of the service and testimonials
4. The specification and performance of the welders while matching the prices
5. After-sale service which is quite important for maintaining the equipment. Usually, the better service is asking for a higher cost due to its responsiveness and efficiency

By analysing the mentioned aspects, plus the average price range on the market, the asking costs on one specific model of the welder could be justified.

In the welding industry, handheld welders are the most widely applied and recognised equipment for their low cost, high performance and long durability. At the current stage, the costs are reduced and competitive after years of development of this product category.

The handheld laser welders as an innovative category are still in a developing stage where product providers are overly competing in the price. High-tech industrial products are turning into inferior consumables by trading off their reliability and performance. Product quality, to KELEI, is uncompromisable. We aim to provide the best and most valuable product on the market.

Post time: Nov-10-2022