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Handheld laser welding machine is efficient and quick to get started and easily helps production

Welding are the common method to join metal products in the production. Generally, using argon arc welding or traditional spot-welding machine to complete the process, although the equipment can meet the needs of production, but in the welding process, will leave a lot of welding defects such as undercut, low penetration, dense pores, cracks, etc. It not only greatly reduces the firmness of the joint, but also becomes a corrosion source of crevice corrosion. In addition, the cost is relatively high to recruit welders who are qualified for the jobs. A series of subsequent processing are also required after weld which slower the entire workflow.

Handheld laser welding machine that equipped >1000W laser diode are versatile enough to handle both welding and some cutting where clean and neat effects can be produced.

Laser welding is the use of laser radiation energy to achieve effective welding process. The laser diode implements a controlled electric energy to excite the laser active medium, so that it in the resonator reciprocating oscillation, the resonated energy formed a stimulated radiation beam. When the beam emitted on the workpiece, its energy is absorbed thus the temperature reaches the melting point of the material that can be welded.

In the product manufacturing industry , handheld laser welding machine is very suitable for processing a vast variety in terms of welding with its benefits of high welding speed, neat joint, and improvements in the product quality.

In the field of metallurgy, handheld laser welding machine can be effective on a variety of metal materials, while the weld seam is smooth and clean, low or no need for secondary seam grinding.

Besides forementioned industries, handheld laser welding machines also can be applied in the transportation industry, building materials industry, etc.

The booming market in handheld laser welding machines is lacking corresponding enforced standards, thus users should consider a trusted provider when make the purchase.

Post time: Nov-10-2022